Greenland 4K video | Dji Phantom 4 4K Drone Footage

Greenland 4k video was shot with the Dji Phantom 4 flying over Greenland during the summer of 2018, exactly at Cape Farvel. For the curious, I was between Nanortalik and Narsarsuaq.

This 4k video about the Greenland represents a part of my life, a timeless experience and the permanent connection I have had since I was born (internet generation). It was for me the first time that I was disconnected for so long from social networks, family, friends and reality.

It also represents for me beautiful scenery and a fear of the disappearance of this nature. During the shoot of this Greenland 4k video i meet a lot of people on the spot made me understand that a lot was at stake here: mineral reserves, social crisis with a lot of suicides and alcohol, and finally the fact that the glaciers are retreating and offering tourism promoters great opportunities for the ski resorts of the future. I was also confronted with people who had been living there for several decades and who explained to me that there was no climate change. We are more and more aware of all this (especially in our generation) but being confronted with it is always different…

I was able to shoot this video in 4k on Greenland with the Elemen’terre project team. A fabulous project on which I was able to meet incredible people like Nicolas Hulot or Jean-François Clervoy. And today i wanted to flying over Greenland a second time so i look back on these rushes almost two years later to remind myself this trip to Greenland and these values, these memories, especially in this period of quarantine and great change. To share with you today a video of Greenland in 4k and i hope this pov video will make you discover the beauty of the Greenland.

Details :
Cinematography: Yohann Grignou
Cut and Editing: Yohann Grignou
Music: Fyze – Fading
Drone: Dji Phantom 4
Sofware: Premiere pro

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