Lofi Hip Hop Japanese Samurai Mix ☯ For Coders & Remote Workers #01 Samouraï Records

Lofi hip hop japanese mix ~ for code, study, relax and chill by Samouraï Records.

Chill and relax with our lofi hip hop background music inspired by Japan, Naruto, Osaka and Champloo universe to create a lofi japanese music for studying, coding, relax and chill.

Lofi music can help you focus for coding or study, It is pleasant, blocks all distractions and allows us to relax, when we find ourselves in a pleasant and detained situation, it allows the release of more dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for improving alertness, motivation, concentration and happiness. So, this lofi japanese music is ideal for coders and remotes workers particulary because working at home can prevent us from being focused and relaxed.

We hope you like our chill japanese music for samurai~. ~Have a good lofi code time or a relaxing and stress relief day.

This code-fi music with lofi japanese inspiration is made with love by Samouraï Records for samurai friends.~

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